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We have made some new recordings. Stay tuned! Meanwhile, you can check the old stuff at our Bandcamp page or follow our Instagram account.


Peacocks reviews at Asice.net, Zware Metalen and Lords of Metal


Download a free copy of our demo's titled PEACOCKS and MMXIII

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We are Pigteeth. We play crust infected, doom drenched, blackmetal infused, grind soaked hardcore.

Pigteeth was formed in 2010 by 4 guys who, at that point, had been kicking around in various bands for over 10 years. A demo called PEACOCKS was recorded in the midst of winter of the same year. Reviews reffered to our music as being utterly blunt, because calling it heavy or aggresive just didn’t give our music the right amount of credit.

In 2012 we recorded some new songs which ended up getting released as a download and on tape called MMXIII.

We played our first show in Breda on Friday the 13th of May 2011 and we've been playing steadily ever since, sharing stages with CROWBAR, PULLING TEETH, FULL OF HELL, IMPLORE, ACxDC and many others.

So download our demo and get in touch for bookings!